The Final Update

Death Jesters will always exist...

Over 14 years ago, Death Jesters as you know it was formed. 10 players from different countries, different raiding backgrounds, but the same set of ideals. To create a raiding guild with integrity. A guild that would outlast all others. And what we have now is so much more. We've built a reputation for being excellent players and excellent people. We've built a community that is more than just a guild. And through more than a decade of defeating raid bosses together, we've gott to know each other, we've become friends, and a family. And at the end of the day, is that not what being a guild is all about?

To many more years of Death Jesters and Zeroes to Heroes!

60 of the 157 Guild Members since January 2005





Recruitment for all classes is currently OPEN.

We are looking for team players, players that want a new raiding home, and people that want a community for WoW and beyond. We will always look at exceptional players, no matter how full a class is. If you think you're better than any of our players, do apply. We always want a challenge for our raid spots.

Currently have a need for healers and dps classes.

This is a guild you should consider your "Home" and the last guild you ever join.

We, Death Jesters, are a raiding guild with a friendly, atmosphere. We work together through communication and patience. Because of this, we are able to establish strong cohesion whithin the guild and complete end-game encounters. Death Jesters are a neutral guild on the Stormrage server with no official aliances or vendettas. Any positive or detrimental actions toward us however, will never be forgotten. Our goal as a guild is complete end-game encounters as they are introduced into the World of Warcraft. We are the oldest raiding guild on Stormrage, and have built an excellent reputation based upon respect and dedication.